May 31, 2009

Festival for Guru Rinpoche

Almost fifteen years ago the Lo Monthang Village District Committee (VDC) began what started as small restoration projects.  First, the VDC collaborated to restore a set of large prayer wheels outside of the village walls.  The community attracted international attention for local restoration efforts and project potential, which snowballed into international partnerships.  Various sources instigated the restoration of local religious structures and monastic art -- of ancient temples that had been used for grain storage and stupas that had been ignored for generations.  Restoring Lo Monthang's Thubchen and Jamba monasteries resulted in the purchase of two sets of Buddhist scriptures.  In homage to the process and in honor of Guru Rinpoche, the Lo Monthang youth and religious leaders spend a day circumambulating the plateau upon which their village sits, carrying the sacred texts.

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